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How to get a list of Orders

This document is designed to help you understand how you can fetch a list of Orders with search parameters customizations. The endpoint enables users to search for a list of orders on the basis of various parameters like orderDate, closeDate, orderNumber etc.. The list returned contains an array of orders which contains all the order related information. To use this endpoint, you first need your credentials. If you don't already have one, head over to the Authentication and Authorization page to see how you can request credentials from us. The endpoint mentioned below can help you with getting an order list and customize the search parameters :-

Parameters Used

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
{{department_token}}UUID of service subscriberTrue
{{authorization}}Authorization: Basic generate using username passwordTrue

Request Body

Request Body object

"customerUuid": "string",
"dateFilterType": "ORDER_DATE",
"fromOrderDate": "string",
"orderNumberPrefix": "string",
"orderStatus": "string",
"orderType": "string",
"orderUuid": "string",
"pageNo": "string",
"size": "string",
"tagNumber": "string",
"toOrderDate": "string",
"userUuid": "string",
"vin": "string"

Quick summary of request body object fields

Parameter NameDescriptionRequiredDefault Value
{{customerUuid}}UUID of customer for which order was createdFalse---
{{dateFilterType}}Which date type to filter orders upon like closeDate, orderDate, printDateTrue(if orders need to be filtered by dates)---
{{fromOrderDate}}Start date, all orders for which {{dateFilterType}} is before this date will be filtered out. yyyy-MM-ddFalse---
{{orderNumberPrefix}}Prefix of order number, minimum length 3 is required if passed non-emptyFalse---
{{orderStatus}}Status of order example open, invoiced, closedFalse---
{{orderType}}RO(Repair Order) or PO(Parts Order)True---
{{orderUuid}}UUID of order to be searchedFalse---
{{pageNo}}Number of pages to be skipped i.e. orders from those first pages will not be fetched and returnedFalse0
{{size}}Maximum number of orders that will be returned i.e. size of the array in responseFalse150
{{toOrderDate}}End date, all orders for which {{dateFilterType}} is after this date will be filtered out. yyyy-MM-ddFalse---
{{userUuid}}Used to fetch dealer associate IDFalse---
{{vin}}VIN of vehicle for which order was createdFalse---


Scope NameScope Level
order.specific.searchDepartment Level


curl -X POST "{{department_token}}/order/specificSearch" 
-H "accept: application/json"
-H "authorization: Basic {{authorization}}"
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-d "\"{{requestID}}\""


Response Object

"errors": [
"errorCode": "string",
"errorDescription": "string",
"errorUID": "string"
"orders": [
"advisorUuid": "string",
"amount": "string",
"customer": {
"company": "string",
"firstName": "string",
"lastName": "string",
"uuid": "string"
"orderDate": "string",
"orderNumber": "string",
"orderStatus": "string",
"orderType": "string",
"orderUuid": "string",
"originalEstimate": "string",
"tagNumber": "string",
"technicianUuids": [
"updatedDate": "string",
"vin": "string"
"statusCode": 0,
"warnings": [
"warningCode": "string",
"warningDescription": "string"

Response Object Explanation

Array named {{orders}} which contains all order related information like amount, orderNumber, orderStatus, orderType etc., sub-object named {{customer}} which contains basic information of the customer like name, companyName and vin of the vehicle for which order was created.