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search users in elasticsearch on basis of requests

search users in elasticsearch on basis of requests

Query Parameters
    pages int32

    page number

    maxResults int32

    max result size

    showAll boolean required

    show all without pagination

Request Body required
    sortField string
    sortType string
    dealerUuids string[]
    roleUuids string[]
    inviteStatuses string[]
    outOfOfficeStatuses string[]
    searchTerm string


    errors object[]
  • Array [
  • errorCode int32
    errorTitle string
    errorMessage string
  • ]
  • warnings object[]
  • Array [
  • warningCode int32
    warningTitle string
    warningMessage string
  • ]
  • apiRequestId string
    users object[]
  • Array [
  • dealerAssociateId string
    fname string
    lname string
    userName string
    phone string
    textNumber string
    emailAddress string
    roleName string
    dmsId string
    dealerDepartmentId string
    dealerDepartmentUUID string
    dealerDepartmentName string
    userUuid string
    isValid boolean
    isValidUser boolean
    dealerAssociateUUID string
    latestInviteStatus string
    latestInviteDate string
    dealerId string
    dealerName string
    dealerUuid string
    roleUuid string
    outOfOffice boolean
    outOfOfficeStartDate string
  • ]
  • totalPages int32
    totalElements int64