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Update Dealer Associate

updates dealerAssociates and returns dealerAssociateUuid if creation worked, return null with errors if create did not work. Since UserUUID and departmentUUID are needed to update the dealerAssociate, they will not be returned.

Path Parameters
    user_uuid string required

    Unique identifier for an User

    ServiceSubscriberDepartment string required

    Unique identifier for a department

Request Body required
    dealerAssociate object
    id int64
    uuid string
    userUuid string
    firstName string
    lastName string
    userName string
    cellPhone string
    textNumber string
    isTextNumberVerified boolean
    emailAddress string
    nickname string
    associateDmsID string
    imageUrl string
    isValid boolean
    bio string
    userInviteStatus string
    defaultThreadOwnerUserUUID string
    outOfOffice boolean
    outOfOfficeStartDate string
    ssoFeatureEnabled boolean
    isDealerMappedToSsoPartner boolean
    isSsoPartnerMapped boolean
    department object
    id int64
    name string
    uuid string
    calendarUuid string
    brokerNumber string
    communicationGroup string
    departmentType string
    phoneNumber string
    textNumber string
    emailAddress string
    contactFName string
    contactLName string
    dealer object
    id int64
    name string
    uuid string
    isValid boolean
    role object
    roleName string
    roleAcronym string
    changeValidStatus boolean


    errors object[]
  • Array [
  • errorCode int32
    errorTitle string
    errorMessage string
  • ]
  • warnings object[]
  • Array [
  • warningCode int32
    warningTitle string
    warningMessage string
  • ]
  • apiRequestId string
    dealerAssociateUuid string